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We are no longer manufacturing the "Orca" trailers, We will continue to service our current customers however we can not accept new orders.

Kyle's copper matched Orca!
Orca POD trailer with camping package
Standard Whiite Pod
Going south for winter? Take your Orca!

Welcome to Orca Trailers, the home of the most extraordinary, eye catching, precision engineered, customizable, multi use sports utility trailer you will ever find!

Orca's are designed to provide you with a unique, safe, durable portable storage accessory that you can be proude to own and tow behind your vehicle.

Explore our site for more details on Orca trailers, customization options, and more.

Our Orca is made completely from Fiberglass.

Why do people settle for things that don't meet their expectations? 

Our answer:  They have no other options!
We are offering a completely different style of towing, because we believe that people want, and need, a product that exceeds their expectations.

Why has the typical trailer design stayed the same for so long?

Our answer: We don't really know...We do know that it is time for a new twist in cargo carrying.

If you want to get your company noticed, get an Orca!  This design turns heads and stands out on the road. 

You may also custom decal an Orca.   Custom painting it will guarantee that your business will be memorable!

     The hatchback design is extremely practical, especially in tight spots where opening a horizontal door would be impossible.  This design also allows you to unobstructed access to the interior of the trailer. 

     Our design is so roomy; it will fit a 4' x 8" sheet of plywood inside, Even a full size bed and box spring inside.


Our Orca POD Camping package has arrived!